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This afternoon as I was feeding the horses;  I noticed the rain starting to fall. I looked up - no clouds above me ... looked to the west - there it was a huge cumulonimbus cloud!

It was mesmerizing - with the sun peeking through. 

My 5th grade Science Teacher - whom I loved dearly, and learned so much from, would be proud that after all these years -I still remember what a cumulonimbus cloud is. 

Actually, as I recall, a stratus cloud, you know the fish scale looking clouds. If you see these clouds you will get rain within 24 hours. It's a fact. :)

I have a cucumber thief.  

He's of the canine species - I'm sure of it. 

When this canine is up to no good he tucks his tail under his legs and runs around trees like a mad dog; darting this way, and that way through the yard. He usually has something in his mouth, too.

Just this afternoon.  I noticed he's jocular behavior once more.  I was quietly sitting on my sofa, minding my own bees-wax - then here goes this silly dog running like mad.  So, I went outside and low and behold ...

Smokey stole a weathered cucumber off the picnic table.

I offered him another one.  That's just the kind of gal I am.

I get assertive in tone;  Smokey, you better sit if you want another cuke.  Surprisingly, he sits! ;-)

he goes for the cuke ....   Smokey what big teeth you have.  And what a wet nose you have, too.  Eww-Gross!

He's prancing around like ... I got it, I got it  - and Hershey ain't gonna get it.

Finally.  Smokey realizes that the great cuke is his and he can lay down and eat it.

Do you have a dog that eats cucumbers?  :)    Or, is Smokey the only one?

Notice, Sam-Cat in the picture above ....  he's here to tell us something, I'm sure of it.

" I told you there would be days like these."

I believe you, Sam.   I believe ya!

There were about 10 of these little butterflies around my cucumber plants today.  Luckily, my camera captured one!!!  They're quick lil' suckers!

In this picture she blends in with the cucumber flower. 

Happy 4th.

of July!


Nugget is seeing the flag for the first time. She's only three months old and she warmed up to it very nicely.  Hah!  

Notice her right ear is pointed towards the flag.  The moment it moves - she'll move; or shall I say... she'll run like the wind. :)


Have a safe and Happy 4th of July!

 Little Miss Blue Eyes....  hot and sweaty on a summer day.

Major Bum!


 Wook she's a-sweep  -  Aren't babies thooo cute.

I had  to sneak and get this picture. The moment she hears ...

any movement she's like...what's going on.  The first thing she looks for is milk-jugs MOM. :) 

Momma horse is just down the pasture a bit.  No worries.

Something I've noticed.. baby has her Dad's hoofs.

Baby  Hoof

Dad's Hoof


Don't they look alike?    
Well,  not really.  But their traits and the way they act   -  I can tell this will be one sweet horse.

Their feet match - how cute is that.  :)

The three Amigos waiting to be fed.  

Good lord  look at the weeds.  Did you know that horses will not eat weeds, at all.  When we first got our horses... like ten years ago.  I thought, oh yea!  They'll eat our weeds. Well, I was WRONG!  I guess I need a goat for that.  No, I'm not getting a goat anytime soon.

The red flags tied on the barb wire are there in hopes that little horsey does not run into it.  Yes, colts will run right through fences - they don't see. 

The other bums.....
From this picture you can tell that it's a hot, lazy summer afternoon in Georgia.

 From top; Hershey, Smokey, Sam

Would anyone like a pet?  I have plenty. 

The baby and mom out in the pasture.  05/22/10

Nugget   05/08/10

Isn't she growing like a little tumble weed?  She is now 2 months old.

Dancer   AKA  Bud the Stud     - although, he's not a stud anymore - he's now a gelding.  We had him fixed to calm him down a notch or twelve.

So far, he's calmed down only 2 notches.

Rhododendron Bloom


Pictures taken: 05/06/10   :)

These cows are just down the road from me. 

I was curious about them....

And they were curious about me too.........

So, I got back in the truck.

I'm a big chicken  ............

see.    I lost one of my feathers trying to get back to the truck so fast.



Meet Sam. He owns the place.

He's sophisticated

He's dapper - even while lying in dirt.

Then it happens- he turns into a playful wild cat.

Watching his back AT ALL TIMES, of course. Yes, we let wild horses loose in our backyard to pick green grass. So, he REALLY has to watch his back.

He watches birds too. (my multi-tasker kitty-cat)

Then it's back to gardening in my vegetable box. I don't have anything planted in it yet. Lucky for him. :)


This is the tall, dark and handsome gent that started...............

This crap..... last spring! More about him later.

Learning to eat clover and grass.

*more pictures and captions tomorrow*


This is a little section where I will tell you about what happens around my house - in the back yard, in the front yard. The next door neighbor's yard. Heeee!   You get the idea.

Tuesday morning, 03/23/10  I looked out the kitchen window and a WILD HOG was running through the pasture.  He was just a small little pig - almost looked like a pot belly pig, but with tusks.    I'm really saddened that I didn't get his picture,  before he finally found another exit through the fence.  My husband is mending fences as we speak.

 On another note...........

 My newest Love!

March 8, 2010 we discovered a new visitor on our premises. 

Everyone meet, Nugget.

She's a pretty little blue eyed..........


Rope, 2 week old colt.

Yesterday, I decided to take more pictures of Nugget.

And she spots me..........

Giving me the stare-down.

Oh gracious, here it comes!   I haven't been kicked yet, please I don't want to get kicked today.
That's just a little prayer I say when I'm around new colts.

Oh no....she's not a horse, she's an alien!  Not her best side.

Somehow she knew this and flashed me with those baby blue eyes again.

Me, trying to reposition her for another photo.  -  Don't hate me because you love my jacket! I know you want one.   Believe me, I only wear this around the house, it is so warm. 

She gets bored with me and decides she's hungry.

I had to look at this picture twice.   YIKES - I told you she was an alien.

Oh my Gosh!  It's Snuffleupagus!

NO,  it's Da-Moma!    I'm sure she was wondering what I was doing snapping shots of her underside.  I'm glad she loves me, otherwise, I would be mincemeat.   Phew!

Be looking for growth updates in the future!


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