Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My Veggie Box

Bibb Lettuce

My Roma Tomatoes

Oh... I have babies ...Roma Babies

Oh, it's a baby dill plant.  How I LOVE DILL! :)  Dill, Dill, Dill!  I really don't know why I love this herb so much. Is it because, I love dill pickles.  I would love to live where there were fields of dill.  Ok, that's getting a little deep, I know.  Moving on...


Oh look.  It's a pickle ... I mean a cucumber!  :)

My summer favorite - cucumbers!  Dill PICKLES

Wow!  Just a little 4x8 box will grow quite a lot.  And, I didn't even mention my basil. (lower right side of picture)

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