Saturday, July 17, 2010

Tomato Sandwich


A vine ripened tomato ....   +    bread and mayo =  Love!  Don't you agree?

One of the summertime classics that I can't wait for each year, is the tomato sandwich.  So fresh and cool to eat on a hot summer day.

I'm posting this luscious sandwich for two reasons.

1.   I'm eating it right now.

2.   So I can look back at this picture in the  dead of winter, and drool.

Directions:  As if you need any.

Get a couple slices of your favorite bread; slather with mayo, and add mater slices.

Salt & Pepper.

Eat & Enjoy. 

Just another picture.  So, when we look back we can drool some more.   I'm mean like that.  :-)

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