Saturday, April 10, 2010

Spring is a-buzzing in the South. This beautiful butterfly landed on my Lilac Bush, It was like she wanted me to take her picture, so I did! She had pollen all over her wings. Ahhh-choo.

We're going through Dogwood Winter right now. That's always fun. Spring just teases you with warmth then bam it's cold again.

Legend of the Dogwood Tree. Click.

Bottoms up to Spring!

Did you know this about Dandelions? <---click

Buzz~~~ This wisteria tree was filled with bumble bees. I snapped this shot then got the hay out of there!


  1. Ohhhh flowers and butterflies are a sight for sore eyes. ♥ Even dandelions hehe ]:)

  2. Sage, I'm sure it will warm up in your neck of the woods soon. ((sending warm weather your way, my friend.))

  3. (o_O) s n o w i n g

    send hurrier! LOL ♥


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