Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day to all.

I picked these flowers from my yard this morning to give to my Mother.  I'm frugal like that.  :)

Just a short story to my mom on Mother's Day.

Through the years ... You have put up with a lot from us kids.

From kittens being born under your chest of drawers. To my first dog, running rampantly throughout your house after his bath.

I won't even mention the time we forgot to let him out of the house and he tore down your living room curtains.  But, the good thing about that was - you did make us housebreak him.  He was only trying to get outside to use the bathroom.

I won't mention overloading the dishwasher with extra (dish washing liquid) which made bubbles that reached your kitchen ceiling.   

I won't mention having a peach fight on the roof of your house - oops, I don't think you know about that one.

I will, however, say thanks for putting up with us silly kids (my sister and I) through trying times.

We love you.

Just an update - since Mom didn't post. :) (she's new to computers and such)  

She called me after reading this:

Mom:  Stacy that is so pretty - I love you,  too.  I'm trying to print this out but my printer isn't printing. 

Me: Ok, I will walk over and see what's wrong.

Mom:  Nevermind, It started printing.

Me:  Ok.  Good!

Mom:  It won't stop printing

Me:  How many times did you hit the print button.

Mom:  About 40 times

Me: Ok, I'll be over to show you how to cancel print jobs.

Mom:  No.  That's  Okay.  I'll just let it print out 40 copies.

Me:   (thinking to myself)  I'm glad you love me that much to deplete your ink cartridge.  


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